Zetbi - zentrum für Biographik

Centre for Biographics / Profile

Biographical perspectives make it possible to focus the increasingly differentiated range of theories and methods offered in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences in manageable research projects. Accordingly, the Centre for Biographics (ZetBi) aims to provide impulses for biographical research that is increasingly guided by theory. At the same time, the ZetBi also functions as a forum for dealing with practical research questions (for instance biographical presentation and narrative, the biographer’s role).

At the centre of the Centre’s activities are the workshops that have been taking place half-yearly since 2004 at which members of the ZetBi (and outside up-and-coming young scholars) present their research work and discuss biographical questions with external experts. Between meetings, the exchange takes place via a mailing list.

A multitude of disciplines are represented in the ZetBi, including historical science, the history of art, the history of science and medicine, literary studies, film studies, psychology, sociology, gender studies, political science, comparative religion. Scholars from Germany, Austria, Israel and Finland participate in the discussion and exchange processes as regular or associated members. ZetBi cooperates with various institutions at home and abroad.

The Centre for Biographics is striving to develop in the medium term into a centre of competence that will be increasingly noticed from outside, too, and be internationally networked