Zentrum für Biographik - Zetbi


The Centre for Biographics (ZetBi) was established in Dresden in November 2006, emerging from the Study Group for Modern Biographics (AkmB) that had been brought into being in Berlin in February 2004 on the initiative of Christian Klein, Levke Harders and Kai Arne Linnemann.

The founding of the AkmB was preceded by the International Summer Academy “Person and History in the 20th Century. Perspectives and Possibilities of Contemporary History Biographics” organised by the Herder Institute Marburg from 18 to 29 August 2003. It aroused a wish among a large number of the participants for a more intensive theoretical and practical examination of the literary and academic genre of biography.

At present, 15 scholars from various fields, whose research work is devoted to biographical topics, belong to the ZetBi.